Favorite moments for staff and students

Liam DelMain — The giant flocks of pelicans flying south have just been remarkable to witness.

Espoir DelMain  I love when people wave back at us.

Ann Koller  I just love water. I’ve always been fascinated by the way water moves. I think we’ve had a lot of different water movements, especially with the weather we’ve had.

Emile Mongiat  Going into this trip I was expecting Iowa to be just flatter than flat. I was like, there is stuff in Iowa. So, all the different landscapes that we’ve seen.

Demey Everett  My favorite thing I’ve seen so far, we’re kayaking on the Chippewa River and I was able to kayak under a bald eagle.

Nell Gerke  Very early on in our trip there was a fox on the river bank that kind of peeked out at us and followed us and kept looking at us for a little bit of river stretch.

Dwayne Williams  One particular moment was seeing an eagle come down and catch a fish and fly back up.

Cory Dack  I think seeing the different confluences. When you see these massive bodies of water come together there is something so viscerally spiritual about it.

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