Readers’ Choice voting has ended. This year we had an impressive 71,000 votes and over 10,000 individual voters.

Was your business represented?

If you are a winner this year, one of our representatives will be in touch. If you are interested in advertising or participating in Readers Choice please see review the information below.


Make sure to take advantage of this program next year if you did not advertise this year. Here are the details of the program:

Businesses are voted on by category with viewers given the opportunity to vote for their favorite. Help them decide by promoting your business on the ballot and through strategically placed advertising both on our site and in your own marketing.

The entire program is promoted through our paper, website, and app as well as local chambers and social media. 

This year, voting started Monday January 14th and ran until January 27th. Every year we have various ad packages available for both print and digital placement including the featured listings and sub category sponsors that show up on the ballot. If you purchase a featured listing, voters even have the ability to SHARE their vote on social media. After the tabulation of the results, the articles and listings of the winners are online indefinitely providing you with a permanent and searchable listing of your accomplishment not to mention the general exposure.

This is a huge honor and one you can tout all year long after the results are released! 

Learn how you can participate and take advantage of the great advertising opportunities next year by contacting one of our ad representatives today.





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Emily Blakely - 618.351.5039 

Tina Moon - 618.351.5026

Brittany Crumby - 618.351.5012

 Logan Johnson - 618.351.5020

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