Use this to plan billing in PHX

High impact print ads including billboard and banner ads.

Click this link, then click join meeting, then select "call me" for the audio connection (NOT pc audio). Then switch to grid view in upper right corner. We meet at 8:30 AM and 4:30 PM every day but if you want to use zoom outside of those hours those accounts are free and easy to use.

Use this calendar to schedule high impact digital ads like Reveals, Float Bars, EXIT Interstitials, E-mail campaigns and I Love a Deal.

Permissions were granted to the sales team for these documents but you need to be signed in to your Google Account. See Logan if you are unsure how to set that up or if you go to edit a doc and are unable.

Local businesses can apply on this site at any time and their application will be forwarded to our local contact who will review and delegate the leads to sales reps.

Review the instructions and details for this program regularly so that you know the steps for pitching and consulting with new and existing prospects. If you update scripts for your own use, save a copy locally.

(Download this PDF then open this file with Adobe Reader or Acrobat - not your web browser. Fill it out on your computer then save and send the file to Acct Managers)

Use this PDF to submit an ad order (print or digital) to the account managers. If you do not fill out this form then you will need to make sure the managers have all the info on this sheet for each order.

Use this example to view all information needed when filling these out.

We use this tool to find prospects and create on the fly sales resources but also to track sales status and activity with each prospect. Make sure to use the Call Planner page on a regular basis. Every rep has a login using their e-mail and a password they created.

Check e-mails for opportunities and tips then login to find prospects based on category or location. Ad-Mall is great for Co-op opportunities, seasonal events, customer demographics and digital audits of their online presence. Prospects can be added to your account for easier management and sales resource creation.

Each rep will have their own login for Metro. We use this platform to find advertising examples and even full ad copy working files. These can be shared with Emily or Affinity to create ads and is a great source for full advertising campaign ideas. 

Use this contact list for office phone numbers and extensions. Please update as needed.

Though this was created for AMP products, this form is great for building a foundation of information that we will need to recommend the perfect advertising products for any of our prospects. Take this form with you and walk the advertiser through the questions while recording answers.

You can edit this sales sheet but it is best if you give prospect information to Emily to customize an appropriate online package and program. These include trivia, giveaways, ballots, and photo contests.

Use this list to view examples of online contests, ballots, and trivia that they can sponsor. We promote these programs with all of our advertising and place links, offers, e-mail opt-ins and other advertiser content throughout the programs.

This portal includes a large collection of AMP information to share with advertisers concerning how to succeed during the Coronavirus timeline.

This calendar will keep an updated list of local events like chamber luncheons, dinners, networking opportunities and training events.

This is the updated political advertising packages sheet for 2020. AMP digital products are available on a custom quote basis. 

You can have your Smart Send advertisers fill out this form on your laptop or even your phone. Make sure to input the kickoff call time as well.

SmartSend is a Lee owned SMS text messaging and e-mail marketing platform that gives the advertiser full control of their marketing through opt-in list management and sending capabilities.

Though there are several options for billboard ad formats, we are showing advertisers the A1 example on the sheet. Remember BILLBOARD is the top and BANNER is the bottom on front page ads.

We need to continue to sell the Exit Intent Interstitial, Float Bar and Reveal high impact digital ads just like cyber weekend to improve effectiveness of digital campaigns.

This is all the info for the Top 20 dining restaurants as well as the article and ad spot calendar.

All contact info for participating courses as well as the ad schedules and promo seasons.

Use this to keep track of current and potential advertisers for Amplified Digital products. 

Use this portal to find all information on the AMP product line. (must use Lyn's login)

This platform is used to request proposals for Amplified Digital products, edit them, fulfill them, and then make changes to the campaigns. It is also used to communicate with the AMP team and ask questions (messages are referred to as Pulses). You will use your network login in this form(car\caruser) and your regular windows password to login.  

Login to spoke with your e-mail and then reset your password. Then click this link to watch this video on how to manage orders and requests in the SWFT platform.

Make sure you have completed all AMP product courses for our market using the SPOKE courses and quizzes. Corporate will use this same platform for other training such as SWFT usage. Account Managers should all complete the four SWFT courses that are available in your list of courses.

Digital One on One Training

If you have AMP training needs or just want assistance with a large project you can contact our regional Amplified Manager. 

Send customers to this page that are looking for more info on owned and operated digital ad options.

Send customers to this page that require our logos, colors and other branding info. Useful for trade and sponsorship agreements. 

Show this infograph to advertisers so they can see the live stats on our web properties. Dates can be adjusted so they can view specific time periods.


Example Digital Ads

Standard Owned and Operated (on

High Impact

Amplified Digital

  • Audience Targeted Ads - Behavioral, Demographic - $12/K $500 minimum
  • Social Media Targeted Ads - FB and IN - $500/month minimum + 30% management fee on ad spend
  • Hyper-local Targeted Ads - Geo-fencing - $15/K - $500 minimum
  • Targeted E-mail Campaigns - Behavioral, Geo and Demographic - $20/1K - 50K minimum
  • Web Development - Custom Quotes starting at $999 for basic 5 page
  • IP Targeted Ads - $1000/month + setup and IP address matching fee ($500)
  • Web Content Creation - Custom Quote
  • SEM/PPC Advertising (Paid Search Results Ads) - $500/month minimum ad spend + 30% management spend
  • Youtube TruView Targeted Ads - $500/month minimum ad spend + 30% management spend
  • Programmatic Audio (Spotify/Pandora) - $500/month minimum - $30/1K
  • Connected TV (OTT) - $2000/month minimum - $60/1K
  • Online Listing Service/Reputation Management (Yext)