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Amazon Prime Day

The news of Amazon Prime increasing their membership prices has many shoppers considering canceling the service. If the $139 price of Amazon Prime no longer fits into your budget, Walmart+ is more affordable, at $98 per month.  When Walmart+ first hit the subscription scene, there was only a $20 price difference when compared to Amazon […]

Parents need to know that “A Wolf Called Wander” is a tale “narrated” by real-life, famed far-roaming wolf OR-7 (called Swift here), collared with a radio transmitter by the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife in 2011 to track his movements. The story traces Swift’s life from puppyhood with his family to his loss of them all in an attack by another pack and the migrations that took him over hundreds of miles and several interstates in Oregon and California before settling down and making a family of his own. (As of the book’s writing, he and his mate are alive and well in Oregon.) Author Rosanne Parry packs a lot of information about wolves into the story, as well as an appendix with many facts and resources. She also spins a vivid, exciting, relatable narrative of an overwhelmed orphan who suddenly has to fend for himself as enemies take over his family’s home, and the challenges and decisions he faces as he tries to stay alive and true to his parents’ teaching — and maybe even find other wolves. The lead character is a predator who lives by hunting, so there’s a lot of vivid but non-gratuitous detail about hunting and eating prey. Family members are killed by people and by other wolves, and assorted animals give birth, though the young wolf-narrator is amazed when a baby horse is born right out in the open instead of in a den, as the wolves would do.

Parents need to know that “Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled” is a cartoony racing game for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. Players use missiles, bombs, and boxes of TNT to take out the competition, resulting in explosions, crashes, and, in some instances, characters being lit on fire. But all of this is done with a silly, cartoony look and feel. There’s also some juvenile humor: A character picks his nose and eats it, and seagulls use some rocks as a bathroom. Otherwise, there’s no sex, cursing, or references to drugs and alcohol, save for what you might hear if you play online, where communication isn’t monitored.

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