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Best Friend

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The Oscar winner might eventually behave like Hollywood royalty. Let’s hope it doesn’t happen soon. When Lawrence spills her most embarrassing moments with an unfiltered delivery, she’s your best friend opening up after too many glasses of wine.

Sweet, 5 yr old Male Beagle whose doggie best friend passed away and he's now very lonely. Good with other... View on PetFinder

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In this story, adult Jo is looking back on her teenage self and the trauma she experienced, and it brings up the #metoo movement and hidden illicit affairs. Jo’s best friend dies in a horrible accident, after which our narrator goes to boarding school, where she finds herself growing closer and closer to her 34-year-old English teacher, becoming his “favorite.”

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“Preacher” by Garth Ennis: If you think comic books are for kids, this maxi-series about a former preacher, his vampire best friend and the terrifying world they inhabit will make you reconsider.“Lucifer” by Mike Carey: You don’t have to have read Neil Gaiman’s Sandman series from which this story spun off. Just know that Carey’s masterwork is a tale of free will and true philosophical exploration and is nothing like the TV series that took these books for its basis.

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Director: Bong Joon Ho

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If you are looking for a poster child of the term "mans best friend" then look no further. Gunther is a loving and very playful pup that is wa…

Dear Abby: Five years into our marriage, my wife and I took a girlfriend, "Sonya." I fell madly in love with her. Unfortunately, my relationsh…

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