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Maggie Szabo takes her work on the road. Literally. The Canadian singer-songwriter has penned songs in Greece,Thailand, England and Amsterdam. “I sometimes forget how big of a world there is out there outside of my little bubble,” says Szabo, who’s based out of Los Angeles. “There is so much music, so much culture and so many styles of writing and production that I learn from traveling. It’s really good to be reminded of that.” Her latest song is the Ryan Riback remix of “I Don’t Need You.” Best known for her single “Don’t Give Up,” which was dedicated to the transgender community, Szabo stays in touch with her fans on social media, where she goes by the username @allaboutmaggie.

Travelers considering pilgrimages in Europe have the opportunity to follow centuries-old routes or trace new paths in a search for perspective on their own culture-- or the culture of others. "The Camino de Santiago-- the" Way of St. James "-- is Europe's ultimate pilgrimage route. Since the Middle Ages, humble pilgrims have trod hundreds of miles across the north of...

To that end, with our partners at Family Travel Forum, we have put together 20 Winter Adventures for 2020, whether you want some fun in the snow, in the sun or to in a new city together, regardless of age, physical ability level or budget. CRUISE FROM A PORT NEAR HOME, whether you live in New York, New Jersey, Texas, Louisiana, Southern California or Florida.

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The history, art and culture of Eastern Europe are often complicated for Westerners. But it's easier than ever to enjoy this area, where there is plenty of good sightseeing news in its leading cities. Prague is buzzing with sightseeing changes.

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As the cheese master takes his small hammer to the gigantic wheel of Parmigiano Reggiano. We are in a small factory, Consorzio Produttori Latte Baganzolino, in Parma, Italy, where the way to ensure the region's famous cheese is up to snuff is by making sure it is solid, that there are no breaks or air pockets...

BUDAPEST, Hungary — Budapest will withdraw its bid to host the 2024 Summer Olympics, leaving only Los Angeles and Paris in the race.

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Budapest, which has never hosted the Olympics and is making its seventh bid, has been seen as the outsider in the race. The Hungarians said they only need to build three new venues and will harness the city center for the games.

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DOHA, Qatar (AP) — Los Angeles sought to allay concerns over Donald Trump's election, Paris played up its glamorous venues and Budapest set itself apart as a mid-sized alternative as the three cities made their first public pitches Tuesday in the race to host the 2024 Olympics.

Steve Falcone is happily retired from college-level teaching, but he’s still directing plays and writing them, as well. His fairytale, “Best W…

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