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An insulating window film provides protection from the sun’ s damaging effect on furnishings, especially in a south-facing room. Unless you’ ve seen the faded and worn condition of carpeting, upholstered furniture and draperies after days of intensive heat from the sun it’ s difficult to imagine. To help conceal glare from strong sunlight, one choice is to apply an...

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Citing a Chicago Tribune story that showed how a single handgun stolen in Wisconsin was tied to more than two Chicago dozen shootings, two Illinois Democrats on Capitol Hill introduced legislation Thursday that would require firearm dealers to implement more stringent security measures at their stores when they’re closed.

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False. The truth is there is no magic number. Mileage does play a role in a vehicle’s value, but not as much as you might think. As a general rule, the value of your vehicle will drop slightly with every 10,000 miles you add. But according to Edmunds data, there is no major drop-off at any certain milestone. Even the infamous 100,000-mile mark is not a value-killer as long as the vehicle is in good shape.

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ATLANTIC CITY — A table games dealer who works at Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa is among the positive cases of COVID-19 in Atlantic County, according to a memo sent to employees Friday night.

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Here’s a secret about some — but not all — of the more outrageous markups: Dealers set the markups high with the expectation that customers will negotiate it down to a more reasonable level. If you want that car now, this technique can still reap a significant improvement on the asking price. Let the salesperson know you’re a serious buyer and be ready to act if the dealership is willing to come down on price.

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You might run into a vehicle that doesn’t explicitly have a dealer markup but has instead been loaded with accessories and priced well above the initial starting point. On the one hand, you’d actually get something for your money, but you would still spend roughly the same amount as a markup. Unless you want those accessories, the same advice applies. Shop around for a vehicle without the add-ons since you’ll have a harder time persuading a dealership to remove them.

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