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Even though distance learning largely takes place on a computer, it’s nice for kids to get some practice staying organized on paper. To keep track of homework assignments, due dates and even online classes, consider buying a small paper planner for your student. A pack of fine-tip colorful pens can also be a nice bonus.

While it may still feel like summer outside, September is practically ubiquitous with one thing: heading back to school. Ensure you’re ready to tackle a busy routine once again by getting your home organization in tip-top shape. Whether you want to add storage to your home entryway or make lunch prep more efficient, read on to get some serious back-to-school inspiration.

Celebrities born on this day: Chris Daughtry, 39; Jared Leto, 47; Ozzie Smith, 64; John Walsh, 73.

Last year “Fortnite” invaded my middle school classroom — as I believe it did to middle school classrooms across the country. Students who were usually on task and high-performing were nodding off and “forgetting” to do their homework. The morning conversations about how late they stayed up or who was the last man standing became part of our early morning check-ins. Then the phone calls with parents started: Over several months, I had numerous telephone and after-school meetings with parents concerned about their kids’ performance. When I brought up screen time, there were a range of reactions. Some parents seemed oblivious as to what their children were doing after hours, some didn’t know how to rein in screen time, and some thought they had it all under control — but clearly did not.

The start of a new school year means the return to daily homework, an often dreaded task and the root of parent-student strife that leaves some parents of elementary school students wondering if it’s worth it. The answer, experts say, is complicated.

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This hand-crafted quill comes with two bottles of ink and 6 different nibs, all packaged inside of a beautiful gift box. This is a great gift for anyone who wants to try their hand at calligraphy, or for anyone who wonders what it's like to write a letter or do your homework in the Harry Potter universe!

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When warm sunshine finally begins to replace rainy, bone-chilling days, hardly anyone would rather be indoors than out, especially kids. However, if school is in session, that’s a problem, because homework still needs to get done. Though it’s no easy feat, lure your kids back to the table by optimizing their home study space. If their homework spot is well equipped, comfortable and aesthetically enjoyable, it just may help that argument go smoother than you think. Here’s to wonderful, sunny days, full of completed assignments.

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