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As technicians in a distant control room watch on display screens, an automated crane at one of China’s busiest ports moves cargo containers from a Korean freighter to self-driving trucks in a scene tech giant Huawei sees as its future after American sanctions crushed its global smartphone brand. The backbone of the “smart terminal” is a data network built by Huawei, which is reinventing itself as a supplier of technology for self-driving cars, factories and other industries that it hopes will be less vulnerable to U.S. pressure. The ruling Communist Party is promoting automation in industries from manufacturing to taxis to keep China’s economy growing as the workforce ages and starts to shrink.

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California says it will sue the companies that make and promote much of the nation's insulin. Democratic Attorney General Rob Bonta announced the lawsuit Thursday. The lawsuit accuses insulin manufacturers Eli Lilli, Novo Nordisk and Sanofi of keeping prices too high. It also blames pharmacy benefit managers CVS Caremark, Express Scripts and Optum Rx. California is one of many states that have sued these companies in recent years. California is also considering making its own generic version of insulin to try and drive down the price. People with certain types of diabetes need insulin to survive.

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At first glance, Nina Edwards Anker's sconces and chandeliers look like ancient scrolls of parchment or sheets of buttery toffee wrapped around LED bulbs. They’re actually made of dried algae. And Anker doesn't disguise it. Her shades for lighting have the imperfections of their natural state. The honey-toned translucent colors are rich. The designer says she wants to keep the integrity of the material and display its unique properties. She is just one of many designers in home decor and fashion who are thinking beyond traditional materials. They're finding ways to meld design with sustainable sourcing and production methods. New materials for textiles, tiles and more include cork, cactus, mushrooms and recycled plastic, to name just some.

Warm weather is helping Europe keep the lights and heat on this winter despite Russia cutting off most of its natural gas supply to the continent. Record highs have left Europe's gas reserves practically untouched well into the winter heating season. That's highly unusual — and politicians and analysts say it means the risk of blackouts or rationing is over. Households and businesses may avoid further extreme price spikes, but bills will stay higher than usual because gas prices are still far above where they were in early 2021. There's also still uncertainty. A rebound in Chinese demand for natural gas after the end of severe COVID-19 lockdowns could put new strains on the energy market.

Oklahoma has entered into four new settlements with opioid makers and distributors totaling more than $226 million. Outgoing Attorney General John O'Connor announced the agreements Wednesday with Walgreens, CVS, Walmart and opioid manufacturer Allergan. The three pharmacy chains announced in November that they had reached opioid settlements with the states totaling about $13 billion. None of them admit wrongdoing. O'Connor says that including the new settlements, Oklahoma has received more than $900 million in opioid settlements. He says nearly all the settlement funds must be used to remediate the opioid crisis, including prevention and treatment services.

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The first legal dispensary for recreational marijuana in New York is ringing up its first sales, opening up what is expected to be one of the country’s biggest and most lucrative markets for cannabis. The widely anticipated opening of the first state-sanctioned dispensary is operated by the nonprofit Housing Works. It is the first of a string of openings expected in the coming months in New York, which legalized recreational use of marijuana in March 2021. The first legal shop will join a market now dominated by dozens of unauthorized shops that have operated in the open for years.

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