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Bank more with this fun savings plan, known as the 52 Week Money Challenge. Starting on the first week of the year, deposit into a savings account $1 on Week 1, $2 on Week 2…$26 on Week 26, etc. By the end of the year, you’ll have $1,378. Or, reverse the chart and start with a $52 contribution. For even more savings, double the amount each week and you’ll have nearly $3,000. Go to SunSentinel.com/MoneyChallenge to see the chart.

Phyl Krinsky says, “Make your own coffee. Save any leftovers in the fridge for iced coffee.”

Americans continue to wildly overestimate how much fuel it takes to start an engine versus to keep it running. The reality is, once you’re stopped, your car is wasting fuel after about 7-10 seconds of idling. That’s why newer cars have a feature that shuts the engine off during stops when the brake is applied. The car’s still on, but the engine isn’t. Push the accelerator pedal and the engine snaps back on — off you go. Some people find this maddening, but the gas savings is real. If you want to maximize mileage, don’t disable the auto on-off feature.

Edward St. John, the founder and chairman of the company, said the amount of money that each employee gets is based on tenure. The average bon…

Your wallet has a secret. Buried in your billfold, bound in a money clip, or stuffed in a pocket on your phone case are untapped benefits on credit and debit…

Quarry tile is a popular flooring material, especially in high traffic areas like a kitchen, bathroom or entryway because it provides a long-lasting, durable surface that is easy to clean and withstands years of abuse. Years ago, these tiles were natural stone that was quarried; however, today the tiles are mostly extruded and fired clay. They are available in...

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