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This satisfying savory dish from @boredoflunch is the perfect thing to make in the spring with leeks are in season. Fresh herbs and spices are part of what make this one pan meal so delicious.

This satisfying savory dish from @boredoflunch is the perfect thing to make in the spring with leeks are in season. Fresh herbs and spices are part of what make this one pan meal so delicious.

Tofu has a mild flavor that tends to take on the herbs and spices in a dish, so this Manchurian-style tofu from @nutrientmatters is absolutely delicious thanks to a homemade sauce.

Did you know you can make seitan at home? This popular meat replacement is made from flour. Add your own spices or try this barbecue blend from @deboraspassions. 

TikTok creator @myhealthydish shared her take on the green goddess salad. The two things she thought were missing? A little spice (in the form of jalapeño peppers) and some avocado. Adding some extra healthy fats makes this meal more filling for long days.

This one-pot chicken and rice recipe from @eman_inthekitchen uses a lot of spices to add flavor, and the frozen veggies cut down on the prep time. 

Want a plant-based alternative to the egg or chicken salad sandwich? Try this hearty chickpea salad recipe from @lahbco. Fresh herbs and spices give this lunch option lots of flavor.

This Moroccan chickpea and lentil soup recipe, also known as harira, is packed with healthy plant based protein and flavor. TikTok creator @lahbco takes you through the must-have spices.

We’re all guilty of shoving a bunch of stuff in a junk drawer or closet sometimes, but this spice drawer organization video from @_catben_ is the perfect example of how satisfying organization can be. If everything has a place it’s much easier to keep your home clean.

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New Year’s Eve is the perfect opportunity to make an array of classy and seasonal drinks that will satisfy everyone’s taste. Champagne and other similar bubbly white wines are a NYE staple, with millions of glasses being raised at midnight. Sparkling white wine makes a lively ingredient in many light and refreshing drinks that are perfect for Dec. 31. Wintry favorites like mulled wine or cinnamon-tinged classics are also unique and uplifting, and with the proper recipes, instructions, equipment and components, you can create cocktails that will captivate the crowd.

TikTok user @livinginmidwest’s grandfather used to own a restaurant know for delicious chili. She reveals the secret spice that made this family recipe taste so good.

Me, my family — for us, it’s all pumpkin, all season. We shall take sustenance from the great pumpkin lord, today, tomorrow. Every meal will center around nature’s sacred orange gourd. I explained this to my 5-year-old: From here on, or at least through the Super Bowl, we will eat pumpkin products from Trader Joe’s. Pasta, hummus, breakfast bars, bread, tortilla chips — all pumpkin. This is the way it must be.

Fall is the perfect time to make this roasted acorn squash and sharp cheese mac from @justine_snacks. It’s full of herbs and spices since she has a vendetta against bland mac and cheese recipes.

If you love apple pie, but like don’t have a big group to bake for, you need to try her apple pie tart recipe. Generous amounts of cinnamon, ginger, all spice, and brown sugar give you the classic apple pie flavor while pre-made puff pastry makes this easy to throw in the oven any time you get an apple pie craving.

You might think fall isn’t the best time for a cold treat, but TikTok foodie @gabby.jaye proves there’s no wrong season for ice cream with these decadent pumpkin spice ice cream sandwiches.

Want to (pumpkin) spice up your normal cinnamon roll recipe? Try this perfect autumn breakfast recipe from TikTok creator @nicole_thenomad.

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