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Ratatouille, a traditional French dish of fresh vegetables, had a moment of a resurgence in 2007 when Disney released an animated movie of the…

Microgreens may be true to their name in terms of their tiny size and verdant hue, but when it comes to reputation, "macrogreens" would be a much better fit!

Most grocery stores keep one variety of yellow squash and one variety of zucchini on their produce shelves year round. However, the farmers market is a probable summer spot to find a bigger variety of summer squash, varying in different shapes, sizes and colors.

If you are cooking food by the direct method (hamburgers, hot dogs, boneless chicken breasts, small steaks, vegetables, etc), flip only once halfway through the cooking time. All protein will stick to the grates as soon as it makes contact with the hot grill grates. As it cooks, it will naturally release itself, and that is when you can turn it over with a pair of tongs. Just remember to oil the food, not the grates!

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Food processors might not be an essential in every kitchen, but it you love cooking it can seriously up your game. Food processors allow you to make your own sauces, protein bars, sausages, nut butters, hummus, and more. They can also do tedious manual jobs like finely grating carrots for carrot cake in seconds. Whether you want to splurge on the best food processor on the market or save a little money on your first food processor, these are the best options for any budget.