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Q: If the Cardinals want to bring back Adam Wainwright to give him a proper sendoff, fine. But if the team is really interested in seeing what it has in its young talent, wouldn't it be better off letting Wainwright walk?

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TRUMP, comparing his record on fixing the Department of Veterans Affairs to when Biden was vice president: “A fixing of the VA, which was a mess under him, 308,000 people died because they didn’t have proper health care. He was a mess.”

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TRUMP: “Our vets are very special. We passed Choice, as you know — Veterans Choice ... And they’ve been trying to get that passed for decades and decades and decades, and no president has ever been able to do it. And we got it done.” — news conference Saturday.

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TRUMP: “On the VA, we got Veterans Choice. Nobody thought that would be possible. That’s been many decades. They’ve been trying to get Veterans Choice. It’s called ‘Choice,’ where they can go get a doctor if they have to wait on line for two weeks or five weeks or two days.” — briefing Tuesday.

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