Back in March, Ryan Povolish of Carbondale set a state record when he pulled a crappie out of Kinkaid Lake.

The Illinois Department of Natural Resources verified in April that the 4-pounds 8.8-ounce crappie was a white-black crappie hybrid.

According to the IDNR website, Povolish's crappie is one of seven state record fish caught this year. 

Here's a list of current record-holding fish caught in Southern Illinois over the years, via IDNR: 

  • Yellow hybrid bass, 2 pounds .96 ounces, caught Nov. 3, 2008, at Rend Lake
  • Bowfin, tied, both 16 pounds 6 ounces, one caught Sept. 23, 1984 at Rend Lake and the other caught Sept. 14, 1992 at Bay Creek
  • Bighead carp, 69 pounds, caught May 4, 2010, at Kaskaskia River
  • Black crappie, 4 pounds 8 ounces, caught May 15, 1976 at Rend Lake
  • Freshwater drum, 35 pounds, caught in 1960 at Du Quoin City Lake
  • Longnose gar, 22 pounds 1 ounce, caught May 6, 2006, at the Ohio River in Massac County
  • Spotted gar, 7 pounds 13.44 ounces, caught July 10, 2004, at Horseshoe Lake in Alexander County
  • Redear sunfish, 2 pounds 12.3 ounces, caught Sept. 7, 1985, at Marion CC Lake

Peruse the full list of state record fish here.