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Pat Stacey found out about his selection to the Trapshooting Hall of Fame by a ricochet last year.

Stacey was sitting with friends in a camper at Sparta’s World Shooting and Recreational Complex when he got a phone call from a buddy in Texas.

“He called me about 10ish and he said congratulations,” Stacey said. “I said, ‘For what?’ ‘He said, ‘You’re being inducted into the HOF next year.’ I was just in awe. The news went from Sparta, to Texas back to Sparta.”

Stacey will be inducted into the Hall of Fame Tuesday along with Tom Garrigus, Gary Sherrod and Fred Nagel.

The 51-year-old Stacey, a Frederick, Oklahoma native, said he never entertained any notions about entering the Hall.

“Disbelief,” he said. “It’s just something you’ve never dreamed about, or I never did anyway.

“No, I never thought I’d find myself in this position. I started out working and added a little bit more money, bought a nicer gun and could shoot a little more. My scores came up and got competitive, and just had a fun time. The people is what keeps me coming back.”

It’s not that he doesn’t have the resume. The unassuming Stacey has earned spots on nine straight All-America teams.

“I think so, something like that,’ he said.

Stacey is a two-time Clay Target Champion at the Grand American and has an array of state trophies from Oklahoma.

“Any trophy from the Grand is a big accomplishment, and all the state titles I have,” Stacey said. “I don’t know how many I have, but I have several. A stat that is pretty special to me is carrying a 99 average in singles in Oklahoma, Texas and Kansas … where it tends to be a little windy at times.”

Stacey wasn’t weaned on the game like some shooters. He didn’t shoot his first competitive trap until age 24.

“I started shooting sporting clays,” he said. “Just one thing led to another, I got invited to go to Kinsley, Kansas and shoot a doubles marathon, 500 birds. That was my first registered shoot. I won the novice trophy that day.”

Stacey’s favorite discipline is doubles.

“They’re just more fun,” he said. “They’re two of them. Twice the fun.”

As far as the induction ceremony, Stacey is unsure how he’ll react.

“I have no idea what I’m going to do,” he said. “I don’t like getting in front of people that way, but I’ll do it.”


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