Appleknocker II

I really question the value of the hemp. 42 acres valued at $ 2,000,000? That is $47,000 @acre.


Thank you for this story. Great explanation.

"Illegal Immigration Is Near a 50-Year Low … In 2017, arrests for illegally crossing the border were at their lowest point since 1971. Undetected illegal border crossings have dropped at an even faster rate, according to estimates by the Department of Homeland Security."

Well deserved. Congratulations ladies. I am sorry that I missed this.

Spot on analysis. Very good column Molly.

I remember that game. I was there. If I remember correctly was' nt Jim Hart QB? Massey the wide receiver/ tight end? Robert Terwilliger starred for Tulsa?

On WSIL TV last their attorney Bryan Drew used Trump's strategy. He is blaming their problems on President Obama. (The same attorney who did his wife's divorce and then married her). What a clown sad thing there are people who will believe him. Even Transnational Association of Christian…

Great story. We are really fortunate that we have been able to keep such a talent and outstanding person here at SIU and Southern Illinois. BTW the story had one error. It was David Yepsin not David Axelrod who was the Director before Jak.

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