Don't know how long you've been at the U, but those individuals you are maligning have worked their way up to the positions they hold. They earned them. It's a huge (unfounded) assumption to say they were appointed because they would do what the admin wanted. I have extensively collaborated …

Couldn't agree more.

SIU needs to "right-size" big time. It has over 200 academic programs. 200!!! It's peers and aspirational peers have less than 100. It simply cannot continue to try to be all things to all people. Judicious and informed "pruning" should have taken place decades ago.

Are you joking? He has plenty of administrative experience--at least as much as Colwell had.

I meant Chancellor.

That is a pretty heavy and generalized claim. If you are an insider, take your concerns to the new Chancellor.

Of COURSE there was a Search Committee. They did their due diligence and represented campus constituencies in their recommendation to the President and the BOT. Bottom line: no confidence in Colwell.

You cannot run a university without a Provost. Period.

Shame on you, City of Carbondale! There is sooo very much diverse, local talent in this region. More than disappointed.

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