Cato the youngest

Cato the youngest

Danielle Jette seems to be attracted to a certain type of losers...

Cato the youngest

I do not understand why Mr. Mahony was offered a lifetime tenured appointment at the top salary provided by taxpayers after his presidential contract expires or is terminated.

He did not conduct any research, published any peer- reviewed work, secured any research grants or set a fo…

Cato the youngest


Cato the youngest

Cato the youngest commented on David England: One last look at safe havens

Very informative, thank you for the whole series.

I'd like to know what's your take on a performance of Money Market funds during these two market corrections, as well as what do you think about parking money in CDs.

Looking forward to one more installment of your series :-)

Cato the youngest

Cato the youngest commented on Voice of the Reader: Be considerate

Littering roads is punishable up to $1500 per incident under Illinois law. We should insist that our police and sheriff's office begin to enforce that law. Win-win for all - clean roads and a source of revenue. But I've heard that officers don't want to write these tickets, because offend…

Cato the youngest

EU has ambassadors? Is EU a country? If so, what are the member countries - just provinces with local administration's?

Cato the youngest

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When West Germany took over East Germany on 1990, every single office holder there was fired. In addition, university faculty, police, party apparatchiks and the like we're fired as well.

Who is going to do it in Illinois? Iowan…

Cato the youngest

"a simple person could figure this out, but our state government it seems has not figured this out."

Who is insane here? Simple persons are responsible for it. They keep electing thieves over and over again, and expect different results.

Cato the youngest

Cato the youngest commented on Voice of the Reader: Outdated?

Are there non- dangerous weapons? Do you understand that the only difference between AR- 15 rifle and a Glock pistol is the length of a barrel? You seem be terrified of looks.

Cato the youngest

I like his work, but a doctorate for a comedian?

Give him a Distinguished Alumnus award, or something.

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