Chas1 about some details so the public and call in tips, or otherwise put an end to his running.

By your own words you truly are ignorant. I have guns and they never assaulted anybody.. study what these words mean: SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED.

Whatever your social stand on the dope issue, C-dale mayor and council seemed to have believed the MYTH of the money. Tax money. Colorado has much more experience than Illinois. More than 10 years experience ahead of us. What they found is that legalized marijuana sales failed to produce …

Over 600 pages and they still could not get it right. They admit to unintended consequences....but they aint seen nothing yet. There will be more, many more "unintended consequences". Wonder who is paying them ?

The message from the board in short (to thieves and such) Perry County is open for business....your business. They might as well formalize it in a resolution and just do what they apparently secretly want to do: Do away with the sheriff dept. altogether.

Fred H Dippel and "Jitterbug" are clearly virulent anti NRA and expressed their slant on the organization that represents millions of current NRA members. Their bias is their right but as President Reagan once said, "The trouble with our liberal friends is not that their ignorant, its jus…

Since the Southern won't publish his name, tell us about the gun he used. Calibre. How obtained. Was it stolen ? Was it mom's? What did his mom know about this ? Is she prosecutable ?

This leaves NO doubt why some legislators and some judges are disgustingly vile and selfish, self- serving, self aggrandizing gigantic hypocrites. This also leaves no doubt as to why Illinois is in the shape its in and why out bound migration is picking up steam.

What would be Sanford's campaign theme song ?? Goodbye Argentina ?

They say you reap what you sow. Never truer than now in Illinois. High taxes. High unemployment. and now, another kind of High. Good ole JB, he delivers the high.

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