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Nice rant MD...but the President did call all parties to the table to "work together" and those (Europeans and Communist China) did not wish to change these "unfair" trade deals. Why? Because they savaged American workers and American business.

Fox...the "lifer" stood silent, with his hands in Illinois taxpayers pockets, while these unfavorable agreements were made that disadvantaged American workers and American business.

BRAVO! More talk, no action. Get some results. For decades we have agreed to unfavorable trade agreements that savaged American business and American workers. What have you done to reverse this? China is a monster on the world economic stage. One thing everyone of us can do...right now.…

Oh, Pitt you are so enlightened. You embrace the killing of innocent life, the butchering of babies for the sake of comfort and birth control and profit. How barbaric is that? Perhaps you ought to write more about the dark ages cause your pagan view toward life belongs in the past.

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Since you got this far, on the subject of global trading, we will assume you are fully aware that none of the main trading agreements are favorable to America. We do not have a global free market economy. A man, that was not a “politician”, was elected president and, therefore, we are in r…

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Free people that can think and do for themselves won't vote for the leftist socialist imprisonment so this is a cynical move to get votes from a now, if passed, "favored" group.

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Leonard, you have to go a long way back in history to find any “arbiters of truth” in the media. You “bemoan” that the very “idea” of “truth” is under attack. Well, on that one you are right and it’s always from the radical left especially the media. You named race, climate change and ac…

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It was an illegal coup (an attempt to overthrow a duly elected president of the United States) using the levers and tools of the government.

MD...for two years the "opinion" journalists (?) have embraced a lie, a hoax because they hated the person that won the election over their beloved corrupt candidate. A lie. None of them spend five minutes investigating the truth of the document. No Russians voted in our electio…

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Laugh out loud!

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