Thanks for sharing the truth, Mr. Califano. Truth means nothing to ideologues.

No by-line except for a footnote with a last name (Balko) and a statement that the author works for the Washington Post. A google search reveals this cop-hater is Radley Balko.

These two commenters present themselves as above being racist, but seek to discredit the opinion of the columnist on the basis that she is Asian. Interesting.

One more thing, MMike. shoestring's "joke" is a violation of the terms and conditions for using this site. Furthermore, it is a violation of federal and state law. Were he to use such "humor" in your classroom (given the context of his bigoted behavior) and you were to co…

MMike: It is demeaning. It is intended to demean due to my faith. Were it a joke based on my gender, or my race, or my sexual orientation it would be roundly condemned. It is put forth by a person who is bigoted toward religion. You have told him that yourself.

Religious prejudice is …

I suppose when you have nothing to offer, you just mock other and misrepresent their views.

Eye-opening comments from people on the front lines.

I say again, our nation needs to reexamine our care for the mentally ill. We are falling woefully short. The mass shootings we've been experiencing are a symptom of that reality.

Thank you debssi and rhoda61. God bless you.

Excellent post, Diogenes. Thank you.

Ditto that for me, boone. You're one of the best, most thoughtful posters in this forum. We will all be the losers if we let Ishmael/shoestring take over this forum. I hope to see you here soon.

When Ishmael was forced by the SI moderators to cease referring to me as EffKbz I kept quiet about it. I did not want to gloat as Ishmael was doing about the "old boy" stuff.

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