old Joe,

Don't you watch the news? The Obama administrationis blaming the Republicans for the website 'glitch'. Lol

It must be W's fault!!!

Keep putting more financial burden on the backs of the working class!

At what point is it worth working inthis country?!?!?

It will be okay though. The city will do more TIF projects!

This is how Metro and his cronies work. They want to be able to destroy the messenger. No matter if the message is factual or not. If it comes from someone who they have a political difference with, they will discredit the messenger!

When is Metro going to start doing his job?


It's wireless communication.

The dispatcher should have known there was a problem after numerous page-outs with no acknowledgement from the firefighters.

Of course some towns are so "Political" they deal with communication companies based solely on political beliefs in…

Matheny is the one to blame for the Cards trailing in the series.

How can you pitch to Ortiz when he is hitting 750 and the rest of the team is hitting 140?

You wall him!!!

Mike, have you ever heard of a squeeze?

Same thing has been going on in Williamson County for years.

There are a certain few who buy back taxes before they are even open for bid.

Boehner and the rest of the Republicans need to resign.

Give total control of the government to the Democrats so they can fix everything.

Just put a fence up around Chicago. That would cut crime in Illinois by 90%.

The Cards looked BAD last night. Now we will have trouble in game 4 with Lynn pitching! What a mistake!!!

A part of GREAT Saluki history!!!

What was the NCAA rule that kept him from playing as a freshman back then?

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