What's the big deal? Each time I find a nearly dead person on my property, I assume they are there for my amusement. She is lucky he took the time to try to revive her; it's not his job and he certainly did not give her permission to die on his property. If he get sued by her family, he s…

This is a good deal. Southern Illinois needs more jail space for meth heads and others low life losers.

This is an interesting article but if the perceived value of an SIU-C education is low, having the highest financial aid assistance does not mean as much. The reputation of the university has suffered and it will take years to build it back.

Ha!!!! How did this clown get away with misuse of a government credit card for several years? East St Louis is a hellhole!

Corrupt Chicago Democratic politician? Is there one who is not corrupt?

Let's see how Governor Fred Flintstone does with all of his Democraps in government to fulfill all the promises they made during the campaign.

Coach Hinson is kind of like Coach Lou Henson: He can make a bad team good and a great team good!!! Mediocre play should not be rewarded. Must be better!

Great game! Pinckneyville reloads year after year (likely due to their great coaching and young player development program). Nashville has not been great since their allegedly effeminate coach, Darin Lee, was accused of misdoings. Allegedly, mind you!

Good luck to Lavish Bath Box but I predict they will struggle to be viable into 2020. I hope I am wrong!

The membership count has soared because Carbondale has decayed so much there are no other alternatives. Might as well sign up for the Rec Center, only game in town.