I am offended by people who are easily offended!!! The libtards are driving most definitions of political correctness. We need to take back our country from these snowflakes.

God bless you, "Black guy". I am sure you have helped call out the "klan" activity and this will make a big difference. Speaking of big difference, what are you doing about improving the black community with issues such as absentee fathers and constant victimhood instead of being responsi…

Agreed! The State of Illinois was named after the Illini native Americans who were displaced so the white man could invade their homeland. The name of the state much change immediately so the snowflakes can sleep at night!!!

"Migrant"? As we all know, this country has been blessed to have millions of immigrants make it the greatest nation on the planet but somewhere along the way, Democrats have convinced themselves that letting control of OUR immigration policies should be in the hands of individual ILLEGAL …

Looks like JALC needs a few more old white guys on the Board! Baaaahhhhhhh!!!! Old white guys....what a stereotype. Nose and ear hair longer than the hair on their heads, etc.

I do not know the answer to the question of solving public housing problems, but I do know that Democrats allowing millions of undocumented people to flood across our southern border cannot be helping the housing situation. If we cannot take care of our own, why are the Dems importing mor…

Tragic! Five men plus equipment would more than likely put a 16-foot johnboat over its 1000-pound capacity. There is a lawsuit brewing in this story. Sad.

BANTERRA: "Ban" meaning to forbid and "Terra" meaning Earth. Forbidden on Earth is the sponsor of the SIU Arena!! What???

SIU searching for new captain of it's Titantic.

Governor Fred Flintstone signing a bill to give himself a neck. Where did he hide all the toilets from the governor's mansion?

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