It's political satire. And like many, he hated Trump.

If Snoop Dogg is such a negative role model, then why did he record and release a gospel album last year entitled Bible of Love?

I used to patronize the business at times. I have a shirt or two from there that I have no desire to own anymore. I wear medium. Any takers?

Since you're a very pro-life, pro-child Christian, how do you feel about child sex trafficking, the kind that Jeffrey Epstein is in jail for? How do you feel about the inhumane way migrant kids are being treated down in Texas? Do you support all kids around the world, or just the ones her…

The bsnd's name ought to be changed to Revolutionary War Airport and exchange the Confederate flag for an American one. Problem solved

I agree. I'm surprised that the "pro-life", "pro-child" crowd hasn't complained and protested more. Then again, those people only care if the embryo/fetus/child is American.

I wonder what the response would have been if he came back just a year or two after he left. Fans were pretty upset back then.

Yes it would. I agree. Except for going to see fireworks that night, I will treat July 4th as a regular day and will wear black.

FoxNation commented on Voice of the Reader: Too costly

Fox is the fake news.

Yes!! I love it! Long time coming. Congrats to them and that city.

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