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The problem we have in this country is that half the people do not pay income tax. They get to vote, but they don't have to pay for the consequences of their votes. When they vote themselves the pockets of others, that is plunder.

If this lady is in poverty, then it is her…

Every year, pensioners take more and more money for not working.

Over the past few decades, public schools K-U have added an enormous number of administrative and support staff.

Every year, teacher, firemen, and police officers demand higher salaries.

Every year, tens of…

Flu? Yes. I badger people who have not taken a flu shot until they give in and get one. And if someone gets the flu who hasn't taken the vaccine, I chastise him.

Allergies? Yes. If someone is allergic to peanuts or wheat, that is their problem, not mine, and I will not change my lif…

"67% percent of Illinois’ high school seniors filed a free application"

Sounds like it is artificially too high already.

Good example of gimme attitude that is why Illinois is in such a mess.

Facilities require money to operate. That money has to come from somewhere. It is far more appropriate for there to be user fees so that only those people who use facilities pay for it, not taxpayers who do will …

The very goal of progressives is to use the force of government to change society. That is what they do.

Progressive goals are incompatible with the rule of law. If they don't like a law, they ignore it. If there isn't a law, they pretend there is anyway. If the law says one thing, …

Gillsburgher commented on Voice of the Reader: Crisis

"four children that die every day"

Your numbers are wrong.

Per CDC, "Deaths: Final Data for 2017", 62 children aged 0-14 died from accidental discharge of firearms. 260 children are murdered with firearms. That is less than one per day.

By compari…

Gillsburgher commented on Voice of the Reader: An exercise

"Cooperation is between law enforcement agencies"

And the president referred to the attorney general.

"Ukraine as part of an official investigation"

How would you know whether there was an official investigation or not?

"There is no eviden…

If it goes from appointed to state services, that is just saying it goes from Democrat or Republican appointed to Democrat appointment.

Seriously, the shooting complex should be moved to a more friendly state like Kentucky or Missouri.

The facts never matter to Democrats.

The fact is that Joe Biden is on video bragging he got the Ukrainian prosecutor investigating his son's company fired, under threat of withholding aid ("Call Obama"). There was also the issue of Ukrainian involvement in the crime of ha…

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