Welcome to the future State of Madigan.

This story will be repeated throughout the state in the years to come.

It looks like Perry County's biggest problem is that some kind of significant property tax revenue may have been temporary.

But overall, the fundamental issue for …

If you can't beat 'em, invite 'em.

It isn't like there aren't enough criminals in Carbondale as it is, right?

They should be hiring more police officers, prosecutors, and jail guards.

"the U.S. House would end up choosing the president"
However when it did, and there is at least one that it did, it is one state, one vote. California would not count any more than Alaska.

Just another weekend in the hood.

And people wonder why parents are afraid to send their kids to SIU.

Crime is Carbondale's and hence, SIU's number one problem. You don't see this in Murray or Rolla.

Fine, that makes the case.

Now what is he going to cut from the budget to pay for it?

"campaign of cleaning up the culture of corruption and cronyism at City Hall"
She needs to do better than that. Chicago City Hall has a south wing in Springfield. I do not know what power the mayor would have to instigate investigations into Madigan, Pritzker, Kim Foxx, and may…

I disagree with your label of a "socialistic state".

Illinois is not socialist, it is a kleptocracy. The government doesn't exist to protect the right of the citizens of Illinois. It exists to enrich those in government and closely associated with it.

Legislators in Illinois might want to listen to NY Governor Cuomo. He has realized that wealthy people are moving out of NY and taking their tax money with them.

Illinois needs to cut taxes across the board, not increase them for anyone.

Gillsburgher commented on Voice of the Reader: Disappointed

There are three problems with SIUC.

First, it is in Carbondale. Carbondale has an atrociously high crime rate for a small town. I know parents who refused to allow their kids go to school at SIUC for that reason. The city apparently doesn't care.

Second, it is in Illinois. Madi…

Too bad it doesn't apply to state elected officials and too bad there has to be a conviction instead of just having committed a felony; half of Springfield would be emptied out.