Will all the malfeasance of Skeletor BUTTler and his cronies now finally be exposed?

Because more St Louis and Chicago criminals are exactly what is needed here...

If you thought the shady backroom dealings under Slippery Bob Butler were bad, you ain't seen nothin yet!

What a bunch of hillbillies. Why would anyone want to be part of this?

Not being able to hold office and other things like not being able to own firearms absolutely DO NOT equate to a life sentence! Stop being over dramatic!
These drug heads need to pay a price!

Money better spent bulldozing the entire drug riddled worthless county.

They might as well change the name to Meth County, I swear everyone there is a druggie.

You thought the back room malfeasance from slippery Bob BUTTler and his cronies was bad? You ain't seen nothin yet!

Why? The poor attendance proves that no one cares.

Staus? Ever heard of proofreading? Pathetic!

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