Trump is right, again. Baltimore is a crime-ridden dump. Thanks Democrats!

Maybe universities should only be allowed to offer degree programs that translate into a job?

That's brilliant. Let's just give those corrupt and incompetent governments more American taxpayer dollars. How about you stay out of my pocket and just send them a personal check?

News Flash! So did every other country, including allies. Also true, been happening for decades. About as long we've been meddling in theirs I suspect ; )

Wish I had some input into the educations I subsidize. I'm betting that particular degree doesn't provide her the lifestyle she may feel entitled to. More likely to simply confirm her liberal education chronic victim of this horrible racist, homophobic, misoginistic, etc... country. The r…

Another GREAT reason to NOT have open borders!

You're a racist. I'm a racist. We're all racists. The charge has lost all meaning. Gonna have to develop a new slur to maintain that moral superiority.

Every scam requires some level of corruption and greed of its "victim".

I agree. The three time felon is much more representative of Illinois. At least the Chicago area, since a couple of those felonies were weapons offenses. Another great decision by Liberals. Keep voting for the new Democrats. Just like Colon, they're all full of it.

Illinois Government to the rescue. Double taxes and triple spending. The fraud, waste, and abuse continues.

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