"You are the main one that didn't have anything intelligent to say except attacking peoples every comment. It's been your main objective to shut this site down. ... Your mission has been accomplished." - OLD JOE

Nice attempt at revisionist history, Joe. However, you and you…


"There is many of us paid subscribers that really likes this site no matter how rude some people may get. (that is just who we are, speaking honestly)" - OLD JOE

As I said before, in my opinion, you have no one to blame but yourself and your group of e-friends, Joe. For year…


How could I have forgotten the near constant racism from Leaningright, CLG4, Community Organizer, cchs98, StraightTalk, et al?

Yep, I'm certainly hoping for a better online experience tomorrow. I'm seriously considering starting to pay for this site again. Thanks again SI.


" ... The change is intended to eliminate offensive, profane and threatening comments from our website. ... But that right does not extend to those who want to hide behind anonymity to make hateful or spiteful statements. ... We long have been concerned about the name-calling, taunting …


"Shoestring don't facebook. Ta ta" - shoe

See 'ya, man. Sorry to see you go; I truly enjoyed your honesty and dedication to your principles and values.

All the best! :-)


Ishmael commented on 1101 Voice of the Reader

"Whatever. It beats copying and pasting an entire article and not having an opinion. At least you have an opinion, although it seems like an echo." - MickeeD

ppsssttt ... nobody tell Mick the articles I choose to copy and paste reflect my opinion. lol! I'm the one who chose…

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