Dang. That's a big loss.

Chicago is becoming safer than rural America. Violent criminals in Chicago don't randomly shoot up schools trying to kill as many children as possible. The crime is personal and specific. Thus somebody like me knows where and not where to go in Chicago. I know who to avoid. And they don't…

I would suggest using one of those ring doorbells instead. Catch the guy on camera and call the cops.

That being said the deceased was committing a felony soooo the property owner shouldn't get prison time.

You are a liar. Your numbers are pulled from your rear end.

Marion has always been a bit of a stick in the mud.

Schizophrenia???? fatal crashed doubled????? one in four middle schoolers use pot????

Uhhhhhhh none of that is true. Completely misleading. Thankfully fear mongering on this subject rings hollow.

JItterBug commented on Voice of the Reader: Enough

Trump certainly isn't reducing our national debt. He is adding trillions to it.

I'm not worried if Bernie can beat Trump. I know he can.

I'm worried the horribly corrupt Democratic Party Leadership will steal another nomination from him.

The NRA spends most all their money on lobbying Congress on issues like opposing universal background checks (even though most members of the NRA are ok with it), stopping the ban of assault weapons. After that the NRA dues go towards Wayne's lifestyle.

The gun safety eve…

The NRA is an agency that services gun manufacturers. Its all about the $$$$$.

And it comes at the expense of many many innocent lives.

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