As long as Black men and women on the North East side of Carbondale have an 80 to 90 percent unemployment rate. Southern Illinois will remain a hell hole.

There's a bunch of crazies in Southern Illinois. Extremely high unemployment rate in Blacks, poor health condition in blacks, depression in blacks. They go into survual mode by selling drugs. White society creates it. They wont hire them they get into trouble go to prison and we end up taki…

Just the same ole game. They'll get a crumb a bone thrown their way and few pictures taken and after the people leave, let the games begin all over again. Blacks will once again be targeted for incarceration denied housing because of the color of their skin. White men will patrol the street…

White folks throwing Cario's Blacks a crumb. White's have lynched blacks in cario. Kept their boots on black men and women throats last 200 years. Murdered black men raped black women denied them employment targeted them for incarceration denied them housing. Whites in and around the Cario a…

They all deserved to be deported. The Irresponsible Illegal actions of their parent, the American Taxpayer will not foot the bill for any longer. They all deserve to be deported. Person Of The Year? That's a disgrace and you know it

Lock him up and throw away the key

I've had better barbeque. There's nothing here.

It never fails doom and gloom from Southern Illinois. The last one leaves don't forget to turn off the lights.

This is completely mind-numbing. and illegal! How low have we sunk when we are now giving Illegal Aliens person of the year awards? West Frankfort you all have lost your minds

Just another white collar crime committed by a white man. Notice the article never mention any jail time? Dollar to a donut he'll walk out a free man 6 months probation my guess. If he were black first of all they would never allow any black within a mile of that kind of money anyway. But if…

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