mainman commented on Rauner unveils lobbying ban

Good luck your honor !

Who can we ask to eliminate K Street in Washington ?


..................& if you want to know who I was visit the Carbondale Federal Building !


I agree with the anonymity thing and don't have a problem using my name because I have written many letters to the editor !

The problem I have with facebook is the hidden agenda behind its use and abuse by greed driven corporate/fascist America !!

I hope this is not the case with…


The only variable in Carbondale is a demographic increase of trouble makers, gangsters and thieves !

So sad for a once ( 30 yrs ago ) fairly peaceful place to what it has become !!

Too sad..........I really enjoyed that place !!!


Why are many public buildings, schools & courthouses, in disrepair ?

The answer is incompetence in our elected officials & superintendents !

Where did all the taxpayers maintenance money go that was in past budgets ??

Then when the buildings are falling apart they s…


Thanks, Ditto & kudos !

The government at all levels is broken & bleeding our money!!

Fascism is thriving from local government all the way to Washington !!!


Durbin is a disgusting little man and a prime example of why lawyers have a bad name !

Call the kettle black little man !!

Count your shekels !!!


Sebastiano you are a good man and provide a good service to our community !

Thank you & God bless your family !!

Molto bene !!!!


Within a 15 mile radius of where I live in an area of less than 3000 students we pay approx. $500K to four superintendents !

God only knows how many principals and what their salaries are ( est. 8 at $700K+ ) !

Privatize K-12, see some improvement and taxpayers savings !!!


What is the average net worth of Illinois lawmakers ?

I don't think any of them were taking out " REVERSE " mortgages !

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