redneck hillbilly Jesus man

Yahoo S.I.U. sold its soul to the Devil gangsters banksters moneychangers! Remember the 4-Horsemen of S.I.U. are riding slowly into the sunset!What would Jesus do keep the S.I.U. Area name!

redneck hillbilly Jesus man commented on Illinois governor signs immigrant protection bills

Yahoo Illinois Taxpapers should start a petition have have Gov. Lawless J.B. Pritzker impeached for breaking the Federal Illegal Aliens Laws! Our State Reps need to take him to court with their lawyers to impeachment him for breaking Federal Illegal Aliens Laws! No one is above the law! I…

Yahoo the 4-Horsemen of S.I.U.-C are riding slowly into the sunset! That means S.I.U.-C will close soon for Gov. Pritzker will save S.I.U.-E for all his political moneychangers are there! Remember Jesus is returning soon!

redneck hillbilly Jesus man commented on Illinois lurches left in 2019 legislative session

JB Pritzker made Illinois a Hell State that is going straight to a Bottomless Pit called Hell! JB Pritzker will be in prison soon for his toilet bowl removal property t tax scheme! Remember Jesus is returning soon!

Yahoo I. Gov. JB Toilet Bowl Moneychanger Pritzkers just destroyed The Hell State called Illinois in 3 days of 9 billion dollars of taxes from sin taxes! JB just put all the tax to death crazy on the poor people and middle-class! JB Toilet Bowl put Illinois in worse shape than the Civil War…

Yahoo Christians worse nightmare living in a Hell State called Illinois with lots of PotHeads till Jesus returns! May the God of Israel and Jesus Savior, Messiah have mercy on the worse State called Illinois in the United States of America!

redneck hillbilly Jesus man commented on Illinois Senate passes marijuana legalization bill

Yahoo Illinois going to Hell in a handbasket! More Pot Heads on the road to kill innocent people who are driving! Your car insurance will go up higher for stoned Pot Heads crashing and killing innocent drivers on the road! Yahoo it takes a dope to take dope! Remember Pot Heads repent or you…

Yahoo please AG Barr now indict Mueller with Hillary Clinton on Uranium One! Remember Jesus is returning soon!

Yahoo 1 to 2 more million people to leave the moneychangers tax crazy Democrat Commies Socialists agenda! They will have a job with no money to pay their salaries! If Il. Gov. JB Toilet Bowl makes it 1 year without being in prison it will be a miracle of God! Remember Jesus is returning soon!

Yahoo the holy Bible will put fear and trembling in the Atheists, Pagans, Witches, Devil Worshippers, Heatherns, Muslims, Democrats Commie Socialists who believe in a godless nation but if they repent then Jesus will save their soul! Remember Jesus the Savior and Messiah is returning soon!…

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