It is good to see a good person who is a great coach get the extension. Her players always seem to represent SIUC in the best way possible - on the field and in the classroom. Class all around.

Saw that on Fox News

Guess the guess is what has most often been used for attendance figures. The "boycott" by the confederate flag loving folks didn't amount to much.

I've voted for Kilquist for Sheriff, JALC Board & State Rep and would have expected him to maintain his cool. He comes off as a bully.

Murray Energy is the outfit that killed numerous miners in Utah earlier in the 2000's. The owner lied then so why should anyone believe he/his company is being truthful about the discharge of polluted water? Interesting point that the discharge pipe is below a water quality gauging statio…

Sounding more like Alabama or Mississippi.

It's a sad day that the Arena has a new name. I can remember attending Northern KY and Evansville games when "small school" meant something. Same with Wes Unseld and Louisville. Progress is progress but still sad. Hope all the whoop brings back students - under 10,000 for Fall…

Janus is a whinny kid in an adult body.

Good column and accomplishments worth remembering about Hinson.

Why in the world would any sane person object to removing guns from a person who has had their FOID card revoked? Gun ownership (per NRA/IRA) is for lawful citizens.

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