Terry Phelps

the smartest comment on any of these stories...now if only we had a way to make it happen..

heres a thought...lets recycle our own plastic...and make products at home ?

ahh yes, the smell of a septic tank that needs pumped...lol..good ole Hellinois.

his agenda is working people, Southern Illinois has a lot of them..he has visited much smaller places..Terry Phelps

not a pair of work boots on the floor, lol..i was born and raised in illinois, moved off for better pasture and found it. Carbondale and Murphysboro used to be great places to live in...these people do not have the everyday get up and go to work people in mind (the people who pay their sala…

When they hang enough of the pill pushing Dr's there be a drop in our pill problem

THIS STORY BROUGHT TO YOU BY YOUR FRIENDLY....WAL-MART CORP. thanks for your cooperation in achieving our goals.

i feel their pain, i own a small biz as well...we have 3 vans we run on the road and a body shop...PAINT has just skyrocketed..if i cant get some help from some body..ill have no choice but to pass this cost onto my customers, and i don't feel its fair to them..so work with me here people. i…

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