To bad he was not sentenced to hang.

"Free" Stuff is paid for. The free stuff we object to is not roads and other infrastructure. It's people who want stuff like roads but are not willing to work and pay tax. I object to people who can, but wont, work. Who want free, educations and healthcare but refuse to give back. …

If the well ran dry who let all the water out? There are three houses on campus that nobody lives in. JALC is just the symptom of government wasting money. The teachers don't get unreasonable wages, but the students pay an unreasonable tuition. Why build these exuberant facilities? Just to t…

Why do we keep electing the same people over and over yet we expect things to get better. The same people from the President down to the local school board got us in this mess. How do you expect the same people to get us out of it. Vote for a new person every time. I don't accept their excuses.

Wesley commented on Pfeifer: The IRS is suing me

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O5Wc9y57XQs try this address for the recording of the scam call. It shows how easy it is to loose $18,630.45 in less than a half hour.

Wesley commented on Pfeifer: The IRS is suing me


The above is my call with the very same scam. I reported it to: the FCC, Illinois Attorney General's Office, The Better Business Bureau and the VoiP company that owns th…

Hillary for prez. We NEED free educations and health care. Honestly only Hillary will make sure we get it.

We have been running up the debt for 200 years. Nothing bad has happened yet, we should borrow more and live better. No country has been hurt because of debt. Greece has been hurt because they wont borrow more.

Tough time to be a cop.

Mrs Beers was a very nice lady. I know her, her son, his wife and their daughter. The lady sure did not deserve to die that way. I met Ms Williams and she never seemed "crazy" to me. Just a thug. So many lives torn apart for so trivial a reason. Sad.

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