I don't live in Carbondale, but go there a lot for dining and entertainment. The outrageous sales taxes are one thing, but I understand it finances a lot of activities that draw people to town. But charging to park on top of those taxes is highway robbery! I recall, when the sales tax rat…

Especially considering the cost of enforcement.

Your position is absolutely sensible. Agree completely!

Good luck with any relief on vehicle registrations or real estate taxes. Sounds like the politicians have all kinds of plans for the extra revenue.

I worry about Jackson County Sheriff's Dept. having ample resources to pursue the sick person who inflicted torture on this defenseless, innocent animal. I hope they'll make maximum prosecution a priority. There are Change.org and other petitions across the U.S. asking local law enforceme…

Hot potato! Toss it around. Who should investigate? These politicians and government administrators sure are a bunch of buck passers.

Seems rather watered down, making the girls be in separate troops. Finish the job and integrate them fully!

These artifacts should be permanently displayed by SIU, not packed into boxes where they're only brought out occasionally for exhibits. That was one of the complaints of amateur collectors when the state passed laws, decades ago, claiming to own ALL such artifacts.

Could be that those eating lots of chilies use them in recipes that include beans. Beans are high fiber and reduce cholesterol and blood sugar. One thing that those who live in blue zones, where a much larger percentage of residents live past age 90, have in common is that they generally …

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